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Electro Pickling For Wire Rod

"Shivas" has developed & supplied electrolytic pickling for continious line and wire rod cleaning operation. "shivas" "make" wire rod cleaning & pickling (electolytic) system eliminate uses of large size open acid pickling tanks which not only require large size working shed area but also create lot of air pollution problem and workman fatigue. Our designed wire rod cleaning & pickling line can be used on line with wire drawing machines. It has a double head descaler which remove major part of scale using specially designed wire brushes & pullies. First of all, wire rod is passes through multi stage pullies and next wire brushes rotates around the rod to clean the scale, after passing through descaler it goes to water rinsing and electro pickling devices / system which has unique design and removes the sacle at the very good speed. After picking and washing, wire rod moves to borexing bath and then air wiping & drying unit and then it fed to the drawing blocks / machine. Our designed continious wire pickling (electrolytic) and cleaning (electrolytic) line are well appriciated by our client. It also helps in improving pickling quality than conventional dip bath (hcl acid) pickling which never remove the sacle from wire uniformly and creates void on wire surface and it results further detoriation of the coating quality on steel wire (galvanizing / tinning / cappering).
The Following Treatment Stages Exist
  • Payoff
  • Scale Breaking Unit
  • Brushing Unit
  • Rinsing
  • Electro Pickling
  • Hot and Cold Washing
  • Phosphating
  • Washing
  • Borexing
  • Drying

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