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Strip/Sheet Pickling Tanks

Continuous Pickling Lines
Shivas is supplying and building continuous pickling plants in cooperation with leading Terminal Equipment Suppliers. According to modern requirements of process, the pickling tanks are extensively made out of polypropylene (PP) and FRVE (Vinyl Ester). The advantage of this material are simple fabrication, low weight and excellent acid proof characteristic. All tanks are built in a design specially created by SHIVAS. This special system results in a long economic life-time and moderate maintenance costs.
Our engineers' high know-how and long experience time are allocated to our customers to guarantee lowest investment costs and short delivery times. Close collaboration with the customer in the engineering stage allows an optimum solution, specific to the customer's requirements.

At this stage the existing plant is analyzed by Shivas Engineers and the reusability of existing machines and equipment is checked. Beside the machines and the apparatus, the complete system control including process control system and software are checked with regard to optimization.

Push Pull Pickling Lines (PPPL)
At the highest technical level push pull pickling lines are engineered, built and commissioned by Shivas.Special attention is paid to careful strip control and at the same time to high threading speed. The simple handling of the material and the well thought-out operation facilitate high throughput performances with small maintenance rates.

Beside the mechanical characteristics of the push pull pickling plants, all advantages of an ultramodern and efficient pickling technology are united in the chemical part Individual solutions are developed depending on customer requirements for strip qualities and for the throughput range. For further special applications Shivas offers semi continuous pickling lines. These pickling lines combine the compactness of a push pull picking line with the throughput efficiency of a continuous pickling line. A wide variety of production speeds can be compensated for by individual adjustment of the pickling parameters.
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