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Fumeless Pickling

First time in India, for in process continuous wire pickling operations, this totally indigenous fumeless acid pickling line offers hassle-free pickling with no air pollution related problems. This compact, totally covered unit has built-in wire rinsing sections on each end of the line. There is no need to install any air pollution control devices as fumes are not allowed to escape. Made out of FRP and other engineering plastics it offers a long life coupled with many other advantages for the first time to Indian Wire Industries using acid for wire cleaning.

  • World wide approved technology for wire pickling.
  • Better pickling quality due to continuous heavy agitation of acid.
  • Line speed can be further increased with acid heating provisions.
  • Negligible acid loss.
  • no Scrubber, no Blower, no Hoods and no Chimney.
  • Neat & clean surroundings of the pickling area.
  • Compact unit with no high-rise hoods & no obstruction for overhead material movement.
  • Acid fumes are condensed with in the system.
  • Low power requirements.
  • Overall a very cost effective answer to all continuous pickling problems.

More About FumeLess Pickling
The “Shivas” Fumeless Acid Turbulent Pickling System eliminates the need for a Scrubber. In any pickling system with a scrubber, there is the possibility of escaping acid fumes due to such factors as: The above factors can be caused either by operator error or equipment malfunction. The release of acid fumes can result in building and property damage and more importantly environmental code violations.
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The “Shivas” Fumeless Acid Turbulent Pickling System eliminates all fume concerns.
The "shivas" fumeless acid turbulent pickling system is designed to introduce an hydraulic jump of acid counter flow against the direction of wire. This unique technology increases the effectiveness of the pickling acid by effectively disturbing the laminar flow layer, which normally surrounds the wire in a static acid pickle and reduces the length of pickling bath.

Through the introduction of an active turbulent component into the cleaning system, the "shivas" fumeless acid turbulent pickle can be designed to offer the following improvements over static acid pickle systems and other closed systems :
The “Shivas” Fumeless Acid Turbulent Pickling System disturbs the laminar flow around the wires and allows the highest concentration of acid to work on the wire scale

The overall cleaning system consists of three separate tanks A triple rinse section follows directly after the acid turbulent cleaning section. This flood weir and water curtain section ensures that the wire is cleaned of acid and that the system is fume sealed at the exit end. Fresh water is added to the last tank of the three (3) rinse tanks on a constant basis at a rate of approximately 15 liters Per Minute through a ball valve in the fresh water line The water from the last rinse tank will overflow into the second tank which, in turn, will overflow into the first tank. The first tank will overflow into water curtain reservoir and then to drain and /or to the neutralizing system.

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